Tet with Chusa

Tet with Chusa 2

These days, you will surely feel the freshness of peach blossom, the exciting atmosphere of people wandering around and shopping for Tet, and above all, the heart-melted love of Hanoian. A new year is about to come, everyone is so eager.

Tet with Chusa 3

Chusa understands that the last days of the year seem to be the busiest days. Since the whole year you have been trying a lot, you deserve experiencing the new tone in the New Year. Let’s enjoy the precious holidays, chat with friends with the Tet delicious dishes right in the Old Quarter. Do not just eat rolls or Chung cake. Let the professional and dedicated people care for your meal. Tet is true to itself when you feel comfortable and happy. Tet is true to itself if you have fun days to gather. And Chusais such a place. 

Tet with Chusa 4

Coming to Chusa this Tet holiday, besides enjoying the delicious Vietnamese food in afabulous Cathedral scene, you will have the opportunity to receive lucky envelopes inthe new year. Besides sending you a series of attractiveness, we also send our most sincere feelings and best wishes to you.

Only a few days left until the new year. We are waiting for you. Together we will welcome the year of 2018 in the most meaningful way ever.


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